CME-NL is now leading a process that will form a Made Safe NL Consortium. All NL manufacturing and processing enterprises are invited and encouraged to join this unique and exciting initiative. The Consortium will operate as a less-formal, member-led, enterprise-to-enterprise, leveraged-learning and sharing collaborative focused on diagnosing and addressing workplace health and safety challenges.

NL has a high manufacturing and processing workplace injury/illness lost-time incident rate. With Workplace NL’s support, the initiators of Made Safe NL intend to champion efforts that will, over time, foster enhanced workplace health and safety culture while reducing this rate.

Some likely activities of the Consortium include:

  • Member-sharing of best practices, lessons learned, reports, books, websites, toolkits etc.
  • Brainstorming to assist members with specific challenges
  • Safety diagnostics (member-specific or with results shared with others).
  • Facility tours and safety walks
  • Webinars, podcasts, e-learning seminars
  • Workshops/conferences
  • Speakers/guests

Interested in learning more about the Made Safe NL Consortium?

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