National Day of Mourning

Remembering Lives Lost or Injured in the Workplace

Across the country today, you will see flags flown at half-mast to commemorate the National Day of Mourning. April 28 is dedicated to remembering those workers who have lost their lives or suffered serious illness or injury on the job.

The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada reports that 925 workers died in 2019, including 29 young workers (15-24 years of age). Locally, Workplace NL reported 26 work-related fatalities in Newfoundland and Labrador in that same year—10 accidental and 16 from job-related illness.

To honour those workers whose lives or livelihoods were changed forever due to a workplace injury, fatality or illness, we choose to use this day not only to remember but also to renew our commitment to health and safety in the workplace. By committing to work collectively toward prevention efforts, we believe that all workplace incidents are preventable.

To reinforce that commitment; we ask employers to commit to ensuring health and safety is a priority and for workers to be vigilant and do the following:

  • Identify and report hazards
  • Participate in training opportunities
  • Ask questions about a task if you need clarification
  • Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety
  • Be a safety leader—lead by example

Our mission at Made Safe NL is to enhance safety culture within the manufacturing and processing sectors in this province by facilitating collaborative solutions to everyday health and safety concerns. Collectively, we can ensure that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians go home safe to their families every day.

Together we can make a difference.

We encourage everyone to pause at 11 a.m. today to remember lives lost or injured in the workplace and reflect on your commitment to health and safety.

Threads of Life has a schedule of virtual candlelight vigils being held across the country, in place of face-to-face events listed on their website.

Work safe. Home safe. Every day.

#DayOfMourning #MadeSafeNL

Work safe.  Home safe.  Every day.