Right Tool for the Right Job

We are seeing throughout our industry employees becoming more and more sophisticated with new work techniques. There is a seemingly endless source of new products and tools to get the job done. However, one way to get yourself injured on the job is using the wrong tool, or the correct tool inappropriately, when completing a task.


Two important points to remember when using hand tools:

1) the selection of the tool for the job and

2) the use of the tool for the job.


Some general tips for tools:

  • Keep your tools clean and in good condition.
  • Chose the right tool for a specific job.
  • Never use a tool not designed for the job you are doing.
  • Never carry tools in your pockets.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Be wary of the effect your actions may have on others nearby.
  • Never leave hand tools in areas where they may fall onto lower levels or where they may be a tripping hazard.
  • Never use a tool in such a way that you will be injured if it slips.
  • Never improvise.
  • Don’t adapt or use “cheaters.”
  • Never remove an electrical cord by jerking it; pull it away from power by the plug.
  • Always be sure that power tools are electrically safe.
  • Store tools properly.


Remember: The use of hand tools effects the daily lives of all employees. As a result, it is necessary that everyone be aware of and follow safe hand tool practices.


Work safe. Home safe. Every day.


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Work safe.  Home safe.  Every day.