Safety Leadership

A safety leader is “anyone who cares enough about the organization to take the actions that will keep themselves and others free from danger or injury through guidance, persuasion, direction and setting the example.
Safety leaders do not influence others through power, status, or authority; they demonstrate a strong personal commitment to safety and inspire their co-workers to do the same through their actions.”

Remember, anyone can be a safety leader:

• by listening to a concern of a colleague,
• encouraging co-workers to report unsafe conditions,
• reinforcing safe work; and most importantly
• by leading by example

Our workplace safety leaders can be anyone who provides guidance, support and knowledge to help every worker return home to their loved ones safely at the end of each shift.

We all can remember a person who helped us at some point along the way – offered experiential advice,
coached in the safe way to do a particular task or intervened when we may have put ourselves at risk.

We encourage everyone to be a safety leader and thank all those who continue to be safety leaders here within our organization.

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Work safe.  Home safe.  Every day.