The Power of Habit

A habit by definition is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, not an action that we do just sometimes”.

We all have habits that we follow on a daily or weekly basis, like wearing our seatbelt every time we get in our vehicle. These habits have a major effect on our life.

They also affect the choices we make at work.

Ingraining positive safety habits not only create consistency and improve awareness, it helps people fundamentally return home safely at the end of each shift.

Here are a few positive safety habits to help get you there:

1. Be Sure. Don’t assume that you “might” know how to do a task or how to operate a particular machine or piece of equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from a supervisor or a fellow worker. Get in the habit of asking questions to learn safely.

2. Be Aware. Even while conducting the most routine tasks. A moment of inattention, complacency, unfamiliarity – all increase the risk of a potential injury. Maintain focus and attention every time you approach each task.

3. Good housekeeping is so important. A clean and organized work area can reduce or eliminate incidents. Get in the habit of putting things away or back where they belong. Don’t take an “It’s Not My Job” mentality. An added bonus: studies prove that workers are also more productive in uncluttered, less chaotic environments.

4. Choose your Attitude. Be positive and encouraging about safety. When employees begin to embrace safety, it changes the mindset of others who may be on the fence, or unwilling to admit that safety truly is everyone’s responsibility. Every worker should be safe and feel safe at work.

Make Safety a Habit. Be the change and a positive influence to those around you.

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Source: Adapted from Safety Talks

Work safe.  Home safe.  Every day.