Work Safe for What Matters Most

As NAOSH week comes to an end, we want to send a shout-out to the manufacturing and processing industry’s continued enthusiasm and support for Made Safe NL and our mandate to strive for safety excellence.

When we share ideas and best practices and what you should or could be doing to complete your tasks without incident, we tend to focus on HOW to work safely, but the challenge is equally in ensuring we spend enough time reflecting on WHY to work safely.

Although there are many reasons within our workplace to keep them safe and healthy, many will agree that one of the most important reasons for always keeping health and safety top-of-mind is not at the workplace at all.

When we speak with you—our partners, supporters, employers and employees—about what are your reasons for working safely, you confirmed the truths that we know to be true:

  • Being able to enjoy life with family and friends
  • Being well and able to go to work each day to support your loved ones
  • The ability to spend each day enjoying your favourite activities

Take a few moments at the start of your workday to remember those truths and consider why health and safety, especially in the workplace, are essential to you.

So, stay safe and healthy, take the time to ensure you are working safely and prioritizing your well-being and that of your coworkers. And always remember you are a valued member of your community, both at work and at home.

Work safe. Home safe. Everyday.

Work safe.  Home safe.  Every day.