Occupational Health & Safety Committee/Representative/Designate
Occupational Health & Safety Committee/Representative/Designate

An OHS committee is an important way to improve conditions in the workplace (and a requirement for organizations with 10 employees or more). OHS committees provide a forum for employees and management to work together to solve health and safety issues or concerns. An effective committee can help prevent injury and illness on the job and increase awareness of health and safety issues among workers, supervisors, and managers.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Identify unhealthy or unsafe workplace situations.
  • Evaluate and respond to complaints or concerns.
  • Consult with workers and your employer on occupational health and safety issues.
  • Make recommendations to improve workplace health, safety, and the environment.
  • Recommend education or training programs to promote worker health & safety.
  • Advise on programs and policies required under workplace regulations.
  • Advise the employer on proposed changes to the workplace, such as equipment and machinery or work processes.
  • Facilitate and participate in accident investigations and regular inspections as required.

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